Dinosaurs !

This week, Spoonflower’s contest is about extinct animals.
At first, I tried something with mammoths, it was nice but not great. (I’ll show it to you later, promise).
And finally, after searching for weird extinct animals for a while, I decided to stay classic and choose dinosaurs (T.rex, diplodocus, pteranodon and triceratops). :cool:

So here’s the dinosaurs cheater quilt :

dinosaurs cheater quilt

Yes, it’s rather boy oriented, but I’m working on a pinker version. ^^

As usual, VOTE FOR ME PLEASE :love: … don’t worry; there’s only 15 pages worth of entries this time. ^^

More details :









Watching: Fresh Hell and Karaté Boy (in french)
Reading : a french blog
Playing : the farming game on my phone
Current objectives : finish my daughter’s blanket, make her a little cardi, take pictures of the 15 tiny-throwing-cushions I made for the boys, take new pictures of all the things I sell because the actual ones make my eyes bleed, finish my dress, make bermuda shorts for youngest son, 2 dresses and matching bloomers for baby girl, and keep on working on my secret project… help ?

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