Hi ! ^^

It’s been a while !
It took me more than a year but the website is almost totally up to date. (So many patterns ♥)
I’ll try to post more regularly now (once a month).

So, I guess you’ve heard about the GDPR (the European regulation that aims to protect your personal data online) ?
To stay GDPR compliant, I had to make some changes on this website :

– This is now a cookie free website : I’ve stopped analyzing how you got here or where you click (goodbye Google Analytics!) and I’ve also taken down the social media sharing buttons.

– You can’t add comments on blog posts anymore. If you want to comment on a new design, just head to my social media accounts. 🙂

– The form to subscribe to my newsletter as been updated, but you don’t have to subscribe again (I used double opt-in).

– I’ve added a Privacy Policy if you want to learn more about all this. (There’s a tl;dr version. ^^)

The next “big” update will be the creation of a Frequently Asked Questions page. 😉

See you next week for the (short) May 2018 recap ! ♥