Hi everyone, happy New Year !
Today, let’s talk crochet with the second “World Amigurumi Exhibition” : an exhibition in New York, presenting amigurumis from all around the world.

There was a theme this time : we had to represent something special from our country.
Last year, there was several French artists and I figured the exhibition would feature many crocheted croissants, Eiffel towers and other usual clichés. So I decided to crochet something different.
I’m from Brittany : the north-west region of Metropolitan France (the part of France located in Europe). It’s a region with a very strong cultural identity. Our traditional costumes are gorgeous but there was no way I could represent them accurately so I settled for something simpler : Menhirs.
They are large, single upright standing stones and there are a lot of them in Brittany especially near the village of Carnac.

Turns out I’m the only French artist this year and it’s a stone with a duck buoy that’s France’s ambassador on the map. Oooops… ^^

Anyway, if you live near New York or if you can go there, the exhibition is on until february 29th, please check it out ! ♥