Charlotte the superhero amigurumi

Aug 12, 2015

  • 12 pages PDF file
  • Written instructions (US Crochet Terminology)
  • Charts
  • Schematics

How to crochet Charlotte the cute superhero amigurumi with a colorful cape and big goggles. Charlotte is the comfort toy I created for my youngest kid’s first day of kindergarten.

Tools and Materials

  • Baby weight yarn : 1 skein of beige + some teal and some black
  • 3.5 mm / E-4 hook (or smaller if you have trouble crocheting tightly)
  • A yarn needle
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Small pliers

Stitches & skills

  • Magic ring
  • Single crochet
  • Half double crochet
  • Double crochet
  • Invisible decrease
  • Worked in rounds
  • Basic sewing skills
  • Basic embroidery

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Your creations

Charlotte the super cat loves crochet by Barbara V.

Barbara’s crocheting a collection of Charlotte cats that resemble the cats waiting for a new home at her local shelter, in Lappeenranta, Finland. She plans to sell these crocheted cuties to help the shelter raise money.

Barbara made an extra round of sc around the goggles instead of using embroidery all around the lenses ; and she added a small collar around Charlotte neck. ♥

Tabby Charlotte Superhero by Barbara V.

Barbara’s second creation : a tabby supercat ! ♥ This time, Barbara found another way to finish the goggles lenses : “I made, with the black yarn, 2 rows of slip stitches only on the back stitch, starting always with a chain and then a first row on the back stitches of the pink(ish) yarn and then, another row of slip stitches on the back stitch of the black slip stitches row.” It looks great ! ♥

Black and White Charlotte Superhero by Barbara V.


Siamese Charlotte Superhero Cat by Barbara V.


White Charlotte Superhero Cat by Barbara V.